Funny Dinosaur Costume 4 Sale

Click the image above or the link bellow to buy this dinosaur costume.

” It has got to be the goofiest looking things when you start walking in it, the head flops back and you end up looking like an overly excited toddler. I saw a video of someone wearing this costume re-enacting a Jurassic Park scene on YouTube, and right then, I knew I had to have it. Putting the costume on for the first time was a bit of a challenge. you have to put your head and arms in first, and then put your legs in. Only complaint, my wife is leaving me because I haven’t taken it off for 3 weeks now. “

” I got this costume as a birthday gift for my friend who is a huge attention monger. Of course he went nuts for it and immediate started wearing it everywhere. He loves it. Too much. He wants to wear it all the time and everywhere and if constantly harassing me to try to come up with new and attention grabbing things he can do in the costume. He had been skateboarding, bowling, rode a mechanical bull, ice skating, etc. the costume is pretty durable. But highly annoying to ME. Here are the pros: decent battery life. He’s been in it for a constant 9 hrs with no loss of battery. Warm which is nice for cool climates. Children LOVE it. So do adults. Not easy to rip or tear.

Cons: you will be stopped for photos every few

Other than that, it’s cute. It’s fun. Kids love love love it. Adults can be a bit unruly. “

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