Dog Lion Mane Realistic & Funny Lion Mane Dog Costumes Lion Wig for Medium to Large Sized Dogs

Click the image above or the link bellow to buy this dog lion mane costume.

” Alright- I admit it, this is not something I really NEEDED, but I really wanted it. We have a big german shepherd / rottweiler mix that would just look awesome in this so we just had to get it. He looked hilarious but he didn’t seem to mind. Then I got to thinking- we also have a cow…What would you do? So outside we went to bother the cow. We really tried to catch the horse, but by then she was onto us. The cow didn’t really seem to mind, nor did the dog- they just gave me the “here we go again” look. Like I said, this isn’t something you need, but I must admit it was really fun and I plan on harassing the cow some more and trying to get it on video. When you live out in the country, I guess you have alot of free time to waste. Regardless of what anyone else says, this was worth every penny. “

” This was a total hit when we used it on our greyhound. Stays put very well and didn’t bother him at all. The costume gained lots of attention! The tail fluff wouldn’t stay on his noodle whip of a tail for anything but it didn’t matter. Best and easiest costume ever! “

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