Bacon Strip Costume Halloween

Click the image above or the link bellow to buy this Bacon Strip Costume Halloween.

” Great costume! My husband is 6′ tall and 230 lbs and it fit him great. I was worried about it being too small, but it was perfect! “

” This costume was a hit! I wore it at work for a costume contest we had and though I didn’t win everyone loved it, especially since they know how obsessed with bacon I am.

I also got a lot of attention from people in our neighborhood while I was wearing it taking my kids trick-or-treating. One guy said it was such an awesome costume and asked if I wouldn’t mind trading with his. Then a group passed by shouting “Bacon, bacon, bacon!”

Anyway you get it, the costume made Halloween a lot funner and I’ll be wearing it for years to come! “

” My son wanted to be bacon for Halloween. I thought he was crazy but that is what he wanted. I have to say he looked funny but that’s the point it was just great. His school had a Halloween parade and we saw him coming from a mile away. He loved the costume and so did his classmates. The costume was well made and is still holding up pretty well a few months later. The stitching is still in one piece and no rips or tears. Every once in a while he will still put it on and walk around the house “

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